bashilele drum congo

Bashilele drum Congo
„The cultures of south Zaire , east Angola and the north-west province of Zambia are mostly characterized by various influential royal dynasties. The best-known drums of the region come from the Kuba kingdom, situated between Kasai and Sankuru. Their skins are attached using a characteristc technique. A strip of leather is placed around the top of the body and nailed to it; the skin is then stitched to the leather strip."
excerpt from the book: Andreas Meyer - Afrikanische Trommeln West- und Zentralafrika, Berlin 1997 p.243

Eine sehr ähnliche von Leo Frobenius 1905 gesammelte Trommel befindet sich im Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde.
Inventar-Nr. 4721:06
H: 143 cm