songye drum congo

Songye drum Congo
Die Maske, die auf der Trommel zu sehen ist, wurde bei den Zeremonien der kifwebe- Gesellschaft von den Songye und den benachbarten Luba verwendet.

"Kifwebe masks were made for the Bwadi ya Kifwebe association, a type of policing society that provided a means of controlling social behavior and neutralizing disruptive elements within the group. These masks appeared at the installation and death of a chief, and at the initiation rites of young men as well as a whole range of occasions that included punishments, warfare and public works. There is great variety and symbolism within the various Kifwebe masks. More than thirty different mask names have been recorded. Several have animal names while other masks have names of illnesses like leprosy or names denoting natural phenomena. For the most part Kifwebe masks no longer function to maintain social control among the Songye except in the southeastern regions bordering on Luba territory." Excerpt from - Beauty and the Beasts: Kifwebe and Animal Masks of the Songye, Luba and Related Peoples by Marc Leo Felix