Baluba drum Congo

Baluba - Luba - or Lunda Trommel / drum / Tambour Congo

"From the artistic point of view the Baluba, especially those from Kabongo, have developed artistic skills to a high degree.
Their artists excel in the practice of the plastic arts. Wood and clay are the basic material.
They fashion statuettes (Nkinsi) and big masks (Kifwebe), headrests (Musamo) and arrow holders.
They use different musical instruments that are made from wood: drums (Ngoma), xylophones (Mandimba), wood gongs (Kyondo).
These instruments harmonise the melodies for social entertainment." (Gansemans 1978, p 59-68)

Drums were also played at the Luba court at the investiture or funeral of the ruler or a dignitary.

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