Bena Lulua drum Congo

Bena Lulua or Luba drum / Trommel / Tambour Congo - Kasai district (Luluwa, or Beena Luluwa)

These drums were played at the court at the investiture or funeral of the ruler or a dignitary.
This type of drum is also used by their neighbours the Basonge, Batetela, Baluba, Bakusu etc.

"The Lulua people are a Bantu ethnic group settled along the Lulua River valley in south central Kasai-Occidental province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Lulua are in fact a collection of small groups whose home bordered by the larger Luba state and the related Songye people and Chokwe people, with whom they share a very similar culture, history, and language. The name Lulua seems to have appeared in the last quarter of the 19th century, previously these groups simply being ethnically Luba people outside the Luba (or Baluba) political structure."
Excerpt from: Lulua people.© Wikipedia® the free encyclopedia.

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