copper drum Sudan / Egypt

copper kettle drum / Trommel - Sudan / Egypt

„The largest specimen of kettledrum is from Egypt. It has a shell of beaten copper, 22 inches in diameter and 14 inches high, with a row of heavy metal pins projecting about 2 inches below the rim. The rawhide head is stretched across the drum when wet and held by holes in the edge of the head, passed over the metal pins, and bound by a rawhide thong. Two such drums differing in size are slung across the neck of a camel and carried in religious processions in Cairo, the larger drum on the right side of the camel."

Francis Densmore : Handbook of the collection of musical instruments in the United States National Museum.
(Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Bulletin 136).
Washington, Unites States Government Printing Office, 1927

In Sudan, kettledrums, often mounted on camels, are used in formal ceremonies for tribal leaders.