attie drum ivory coast

Attie ( Akye ) drum / Trommel / Tambour Ivory Coast

The Attie are an Akan people who live predominantly in Ivory Coast.

"The drummer is an important person in certain forms of Akan social life-in leisure, ritual and ceremonial situations of village and town communities, bands, associations and courts. Accordingly he is a member of various organisations from which he derives his peculiar duties as well as status and privileges.(...)
All drummers (...) are expected to know their art and the duties required of them, to maintain a reasonable standard of performance and to be ready to perform whenever called upon to do so.(...)
The duties of a drummer are passed on from father to son, for it is believed that if a person's father is a drummer, he inherits his father's skill and he is able to learn the art with ease.(...)
Furthermore, between drummers, dancers and listeners, there is supposed to be abond of mutual respect and goodwill, also essential to the success of the dance situation."
Excerpt from : Nketia, J. H. K. (1954). "The role of the drummer in Akan society." : African Music: Journal of the African Music Society.

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