maniema slit drum congo

Maniema slit drum Congo

"This type of slit drum is found in a large area of the Congo: Central Basin, Maniema, Kasai, Katanga, Kivu and Kwango, and is called by several names (lukumbi, nkumvi). The slit drum is placed either on the ground or carried around on the player’s shoulder by a strong rope while playing. Besides functioning as a signal instrument, the trapezoidal slit drum is also frequently incorporated into ensembles for entertainment music, where its deep tones make it ideal for a rhythmic bass. Playing the slit drum remains the privilege of certain people in the village who are trained to do so. Not only must they know how to signal messages but must also be able to play sufficiently well and this is not a skill that everyone can acquire. This means that the learner drummer must first be thoroughly trained by an established drummer, whose place he will later take. Not everyone can play a slit drum, but virtually everyone understands the signal language."
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Die Schlitztrommel ist das wichtigste Signalinstrument in Zentralafrika und kann zur Nachrichtenübermittlung (Sprechtrommeln) verwendet werden.
Die beiden Wandungen der Trommel sind unterschiedlich dick und erzeugen beim Anschlagen zwei unterschiedliche Töne. Sprachmelodie und Sprachrhythmus können so von Spezialisten auf das Instrument übertragen werden.

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