Kuba Lele drum Congo

Kuba Lele drum Congo
„The cultures of south Zaire , east Angola and the north-west province of Zambia are mostly characterized by various influential royal dynasties. The best-known drums of the region come from the Kuba kingdom, situated between Kasai and Sankuru. Their skins are attached using a characteristc technique. A strip of leather is placed around the top of the body and nailed to it; the skin is then stitched to the leather strip.Particularly elaborate instruments have a handle on the body carved in the shape of a hand, above which is often a face. According to Olga Boone, the ornaments can be interpreted as signs of an old custom, whereby a distinguished individual could formerly only be accepted into the company of warriors on producing the hand of his slaughtered enemy (Olga Boone - Les tambours du Congo Belge et du Ruanda-Urundi 1951, p.44). Such instruments only ever belong to the king or to one of the regional chieftains."
excerpt from the book: Andreas Meyer - Afrikanische Trommeln West- und Zentralafrika, Berlin 1997 p.243

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