Mangbetu drum Congo

Mangbetu drum / Trommel Congo

"J.S. Laurenty, the organologist at the KMMA (1965 – 1991) described the exceptionally beautiful form of this slit drum as a "tulip". It is found exclusively in the Uele (Mangbetu, Zande and Mamvu) under several names. The artistry with which this slit drum is cut proves once again that for some tribes the creative element is paramount. The Mangbetu and Zande are famous for their beautifully elegant sculptures and, in morphological terms, extend this to larger objects such as the slit drum. As in other regions of the Congo, this slit drum is also played in larger ensembles together with other instruments, as a percussion instrument during dances and festivals."
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Die nedungu ist ein Symbol der königlichen Macht.
Sie wurde im Hoforchester zu Tänzen gespielt und kündigte den König und andere hohe Würdenträger an.

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