yaka slit gong congo

Yaka-Suku slit gong mukoku Congo

During rites of initiation of a diviner, a chorus of slit-gongs will be sounded as the initiate is led through a series of activities that transform her from an ordinary human to a spiritual agent. Also in divination sessions with a family group or an individual, the diviner will strike the gong with intricate rhythms while calling upon spiritual powers or punctuate statements with a single sharp strike upon the instrument. But as Devisch and Bourgeois have argued, they are not only important for the sounds they create when struck by a stick during a ritual. They are visually significant as well. (Devisch 1978, 1991, 1995; Bourgeois 1979, 1982).

Often illness and unexplained deaths are believed to be caused by offended ancestors or neglected deities. The sorcerer identifies the cause of the problem and prescribes a remedy. The wooden mukoku - slit drum is the symbol of the sorcerer but is also used as the sorcerer´s seat and as a container in which to prepare medicines.
Die mukoku wird bei Heilungs- und Wahrsageriten verwendet.
Sie kündigt einerseits die Anwesenheit des nganga an, dient aber auch zur Begleitung ihrer/seiner Gesänge und als Behälter für die Zubereitung und Darbietung von Medizin.

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