Yoruba drum ipese Nigeria

"During Ifa festival, Ipese is the drum ensemble commonly used. Any other drum ensemble during Ifa festival is inappropriate. Ipese or Ipesi is also used at the burial of an Ifa priest. The main purpose of using Ipese is to give the last respect to the departed soul and at the same time to draw a line between the living and the dead. Only the initiate can beat Ipese and the meaning of what Ipese is saying can only be understood by the initiates."
excerpt from: Azeez Akinwumi Sesan - Gender Dialectics of Yoruba Drum Poetry
( Ifa is a Yoruba religion and a system of divination.)

Die ipese ist die Muttertrommel des ipese Sets, das aus zwei unten geschlossenen aran Trommeln, einer ipese Trommel und einer von außen mit einem Stock angeschlagenen Glocke besteht. Die ipese gehört zu den Instrumenten der Ifa - Religion.

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