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Àgbá drum Yoruba Nigeria

"Àgbá is the drum ensemble used in the cult of Ògbóni, a secret society that wielded strong political, judicial,
and religious powers among the Yorùbá in the precolonial era, but now functions as a social and religious group.
Like the ìgbìn and ìpèsè, each of the three-drum ensemble of àgbá is upright open-ended log drum with single goatskin/leather head.
But unlike the ìgbìn and/or ìpèsè that are usually of moderate size, àgbá drums are generally large and heavy."
excerpt from:
Oláwọlé Fámúlẹ̀ - Èdè Àyàn: The Language of Àyàn in Yorùbá Art and Ritual of Egúngún
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