Tamang Shaman Drum Nepal

Tamang Shaman Drum / Schamanentrommel Nepal

The dhyangro drum is an important ritual object used to practice shamanic journeying by the Tamang tribe from the Himalayan region. The carved handle is the traditional three sided phurba dagger with deity heads and many shamanistic symbols carved into the blade. This ancient tool of magic has been used by shaman’s for centuries to go into a trance and channel the benevolent helping deities

"The shaman’s drum is not just a rhythm instrument with which faith healers add an acoustic component to their rituals. It is a self-contained embodiment of the cosmos in which their owners travel in the course of their séances. (...) The drum’s numerous functions—as a musical instrument accompanying the recitation of mythical songs, as a pacemaker of ritual dances, as a vehicle on which the shaman travels through space, as a defensive and assault weapon against negative powers, as a diagnostic and prognostic instrument - make it a kind of all- purpose companion to its owner." excerpt from: MICHAEL OPPITZ : Forschungen an den Rändern der Schrift 26 January – 14 April 2018 exhibition at Galerie Buchholz - Edit Daniel Buchholz

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